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Study at home – 4th October

Study at home -4th October

A Lectio Divina on John 6:1-15 for Harvest

produced by All We Can (Methodist Relief and Development)


Drawing on Monastic traditions, Lectio Divina is a form of reading a short passage from the Bible and allowing yourself silence and space to reflect on it.

Before you begin, have your Bible to hand.

You may want to pray using these words:

Lord, open my ears to hear your words. Open my eyes to see my place in your story. Open my heart to allow your words to take root there. Amen.

From your Bible, read John 6:1-15 aloud.

Pause afterwards and allow yourself some time to reflect on any words or phrases which particularly stood out for you.

Read John 6:1-15 aloud again.

Pause again and give yourself space to let the words and phrases which are most striking to you sink in. This may be a time for you to talk to God and explore the meaning behind what has grabbed your attention in the passage.

Spend time in quiet contemplation. You may want to hold a few moments of silence to allow this passage to inspire you. What is God saying to you through this story?