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Study at home – 13th September

Study at home - 13th September

Questions to reflect on

following the Service on 13th September 2020


Read the passages from the Bible that we used on Sunday:

  • Genesis 50: 15 – 21
  • Matthew 18: 21 – 35

Then consider these questions:

  1. How can we tell that Joseph really had forgiven his brothers from the heart?


  1. Is there anything we can learn from the way Joseph treats his brothers?


  1. When we refuse to forgive someone, who are we hurting?


  1. Spend some time thinking about how much God has forgiven you and how often. Does this help you to be more forgiving to those who’ve hurt you?


  1. Is there something or someone that you are finding it hard to forgive? Put that in God’s hands and ask for his help daily.  You could talk with a trusted Christian friend or church leader and ask them to pray with and for you too.