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Bible Study – 9th August

Questions following the Service on 9th August 2020

  1. Last week we heard how Jesus had fed over 5,000 people with just one packed lunch and this week we heard how Jesus walked on water and then stilled a storm. The disciples said: “Truly you are the Son of God”. What miracle in the Bible do you think best shows that Jesus is the Son of God?
  2. In the midst of the storm, Jesus calls out to the disciples “take courage, don’t be afraid”. What are you feeling afraid and anxious about at the moment, in the midst of our current ‘storm’?
  3. Think of an occasion when you, or someone you know, has done something that seemed impossible by relying on God’s power.
  4. What is Jesus is calling you to do, in the midst of our current storm, for which you will need to trust him and ‘step out of the boat’?
  5. If you’re trying to do what God has called you to do but feel as if you’re becoming overwhelmed by the storm and starting to ‘sink’, what do you need to do?