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Bible Study – 2nd August

Reflection following the Service on 2nd August 2020

Read the passage we read or heard on Sunday: Matthew 14:13-21

There are no questions this week. Instead, an invitation to consider what it must have been like to have been in that crowd of 5,000 on the shore that day, through the words of this reflection:

Imagine that you are one of the crowd of people who have followed Jesus.  You have come a long way to see Jesus today.  You have followed from the other side of the Sea of Galilee, where you saw him heal people and heard his teaching.  Why did you come all that way, what do hope to see and hear?

Now you are stood in that huge crowd.  Look around you in your imagination, see the people near you.  There is companionship in a large crowd all gathered for the same purpose.  You are all listening to Jesus.  What is he saying?  How do you feel?

Some people have come for healing.  Jesus is reaching out and healing them.  What do you feel as you see these miracles?

Now Jesus is talking quietly to his disciples.  You are tired after the long day and are starting to feel very hungry.  But something makes you want to stay.  Think for a few moments about why you want to stay.

A man you recognise as one of Jesus’ disciples leads a young boy up to speak with Jesus.  He is bringing Jesus some bread and fish.  Now everyone is being asked to sit down.  You sit down on the warm grass.  Now watch what Jesus does.  Imagine him taking the bread, giving thanks to God who he calls Father, then breaking the bread into large pieces.  Imagine him then doing the same with the fish.

The disciples are bringing round the bread and the fish.  You are given hunks of bread and pieces of fish.  Perhaps you pass it along until everyone has food.  There is plenty to go round.  Imagine yourself sitting on the grass with the others, enjoying the food.

Watch now as Jesus moves amongst the seated crowd.  He stops to speak with people.  See how he talks with the children who have quickly finished their bread and fish and are now playing at the edge of the crowd.  Now he is coming close to you.  He stops and speaks to you.  What does he say?  What do you say to him?

Everyone has eaten as much as they want.  Imagine the disciples coming round with baskets.  You put in any bread and fish you have left over.  Jesus speaks to the whole crowd, sending you home with his blessing.

What are your thoughts about spending that time with Jesus and speaking with him face to face?